02 July 2015

Offshore HSE Medic

Employer: OIE services
Location: North Sea
Reference Code: VR/01013 
Job Description:
Our client has a permanent vacancy on their FPSO for a Safety Advisor/Medic. This position is based in the North Sea on a 2/3 rota. The successful candidate will have previous offshore experience as a Safety Advisor/Medic, preferably on an FPSO.

Safety Advisor Responsibilities
The Safety Advisor is responsible for the supervision and operation of safety activities for the maintenance of safety equipment and safety. Also responsible for administration of the PTW system.

Advising management and personnel on all aspects of Health and Safety.
Promoting the safety culture through safety meetings, tool box talks etc.
Carrying out the platform induction programme.
Advising line management on implementation of scope of work practices and precautions.
Carrying out necessary safety assessments including auditing of SMS systems i.e. PTW, COSHH etc.
Implementing and carrying out the Safety Maintenance Programme.
Managing and controlling isolation/de-isolation certificates and complying with company isolation policy. Adequate records must be kept and updated as required.
Monitoring and controlling mechanical and electrical long term isolations. Adequate records must be kept and updated as required.
Ensuring regular checks are performed on portable Fire fighting, Safety and Emergency equipment by relevant departments, and ensuring equipment is sent onshore for repair and maintenance when required.
Facilitating Safety meetings, risk assessments, area inspections, accident/incident investigations etc

Medic/Administrator Responsibilities
The Medic is responsible for providing medical treatment and maintaining proper standards of medical supplies onboard.
Efficiently controlling and administering an offshore Medical section in accordance with relevant legislation.
Providing first line accident treatment and general medical treatment.
Dispensing medication.
Consulting with shore based medical facilities as required.
Maintaining numerous medical registers and records.
Maintaining stocks of medications and medical equipment at a predetermined level.
Involvement in emergency exercises.
Providing on board training to first aid team
Co-ordinating helicopter pre-flight briefs.
Compiling and maintaining correct POB lists and communication of updates to onshore logistic departments.
Allocating cabins for personnel coming on the installation.
Coordinating personnel movements on/off installation. Maintaining and posting muster lists.
Collation and administration of the competency assessment records.
Co-Administration of personnel working time records and collation of accurate monthly morbidity data.

01 July 2015

French Speaking Technical Midwife Adviser , Netherlands

Employer: International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)
Location: The Hague Area, Netherlands
Job description
Through its work in French speaking Africa (Gap analysis workshops), ICM has observed that the education programmes in French speaking countries will benefit from strengthening. With the support of Sanofi Espoir Foundation, ICM has embarked on a project for this purpose – to strengthen midwifery education programmes in French Speaking Africa.
Objectives of the project are
  1. To strengthen midwifery education programmes in 22 African French Speaking countries
  • To build the capacity of midwifery educators in Competency Based Education (CBE) methodologies and approaches and support faculty development.
  • To upgrade the education institutions (teaching learning resources, libraries, clinical laboratories and some infrastructure etc.) to meet the demands of a competency based curriculum
  • To enhance the capacity of the clinical settings to support midwifery education
  1. To initiate the development of an accreditation and endorsement system for midwifery education programmes
  2. To improve and harmonize midwifery education in this region using the ICM global standards, competencies and tools.
  3. Create a repository of knowledge  created and gathered throughout the course of the project
To facilitate this work, ICM is recruiting a highly motivated, self-driven and experienced French Speaking Technical Midwife Advisor to join the team at its headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Primary responsibilities
The primary responsibilities of the Technical Midwife Adviser will be to take responsibility for the project funded by Sanofi Espoir Foundation. This includes providing technical support and coordinating the different aspects of the project. The Technical Midwife Advisor will contribute to the capacity building of Member Associations and advocacy in addition to contributing to ICM’s other  projects and activities at headquarters.
Description of duties
Under the guidance of the Senior Midwifery Adviser, the primary responsibility of the Technical Midwife Advisor will be coordination of the day to-day operational aspects of the Strengthening Midwifery Education in French Speaking Africa, ensuring efficient execution of project work plans, producing project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools. 

Nurse , Qatar

Employer: Oryx Energy
Location: Qatar
Job Code: OES/JD/0047
Position Summary:
To assume the responsibility under minimal supervision for accidents and medical guidance needed in the engineering workshop.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
· Attends to medical concerns of employees
· Record details of minor accidents and injuries, maintains accurate, detailed reports and records
· Follows up all accidents and injuries
· Prepare sterile instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensure that stock of supplies is maintained
· Provide health care, first aid, and medical assistance for all employees based in the workshop
· Provide training to employees about health and wellness
· Helps to create a healthy environment
· Schedules new employees for medical assessments
· Responsible to check employees medical results from their home country
· Monitoring employees health and following up on health concerns and issues

Skills & Qualifications:
Must have a Bachelor’s Degree with at least 4 year’s experience in a similar environment, must have a license to practice Nursing from their home country.
Must be able to think quickly to assist in employees medical needs, have strong problem - solving and decision – making skills, must be sympathetic, caring and flexible, good reading and writing skills.

Personal Requirements:
Excellent English verbal and written communication, interpersonal, organisational and time management skills with a proactive and flexible can do attitude and approach to work, hours and location. Must be able to work and perform under own initiative and have a full working knowledge of procedures. Attentive to detail, must demonstrate proven ability, knowledge and experience to interact readily across different departments within a multi cultural and multi functional environment. Good attention to detail and should have working knowledge of Nursing standards.
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